Rosa wood tarn bowl
Graham McArthur is a wood carver and wood turner living in Glen Rosa on the Isle of Arran, Scotland.

His natural surroundings give him the inspiration for his unique sculptures and handcrafted turned bowls.  Whereever possible using the woods of Arran.  Each piece of wood is studied and its natural grain followed as it suggests the form it will end up as. Either a wooden hand turned bowl or a hand carved sculpture.

Small wood pebbles are sculpted and polished and added to the sculptures.  His tarn bowls reflect the small peat lochans that are found on the mountains of Arran and Scotland.

Rosawood was recently formed when Graham left his emlpoyment at the local sawmill in Arran to follow his passion of wood carving and wood turning full time. Graham McArthur is a fourth generation woodworker, his great grandfather was an  Arran estate joiner.  His  workshop is in beautiful Glen Rosa on the Isle of Arran, Scotland.  His turned bowls and carvings are displayed in craft shops and galleries  over Arran. Graham has displayed and sold his wood carvings and turned bowls in several exhibitions.  Graham also works to commission.